When is Check-In/Check-Out time?

Check-In time is after 3 PM, and Check-Out time is 10 AM. No extensions, or late check-outs are allowed, as we usually have a cleaning service coming in, for the next rental guests.

Are Linens and Towels provided?

As is customary for LBI Summer Rentals, guests must BYO: provide their own sheet sets, pillow cases, towels, hand towels, washclothes, and beach towels. The Master has a Queen, the other three bedrooms are Singles x 7, and the two pull-out sofas are Queen. Comforters are supplied as well as an extra warming blanket. If you need to rent linens and towels, try www.LBIDreamMakers.com. We have heard that they are a great service, but we do not explicitly endorse, either pro/con (“Caveat Emptor”).

Do we have a Coffee Maker?

Of Course. Top of the Line, Cuisinart. Coffee is the key to life.

Is there Parking?

There is enough driveway parking for 3 – 4 cars (2 – 3 in main driveway, and 1 on the side driveway). There is street parking as well, however please note the “Alternate Side” street signs, change-over day is Sunday and Wednesday.

Do we have beach badges?

Yes, we do purchase up to 8 seasonal beach badges, every year, for the house. They are available to you, for your use at the house. However, we stipulate in our rental agreement, that these are “not guaranteed”, as there may be loss, or misplacement over the course of the summer. However, feel free to use them, while you are here, and please leave them with the house, when you depart, for the next guests. Lastly, badges are generally not needed, during the pre and post season. Thank you.

Do we have a TV/AV instruction manual?

Yes, please note the binder, available at your check-in, with various instructions for TV, A/V, and other music operations (with detailed photos, within).

Is there WiFi?

Of Course. Network is: MyLBIBeachRental, and Password is located within the Binder, available at check-in.

Check-Out details?

Instructions regarding keys will be communicated via EMail, prior to check-in. Upon departure, please clean out the unit, as close to your check-in, as possible. Kindly recycle. Empty refrigerator. Please set temperatures back to “programmed” values. Close the garage door, close and lock all windows, and lock all doors. Please honor our check-out time, as we usually have a cleaning service in, during the turn-over time, for our next guests.


Feel confident: Cleaned and disinfected, per CDC guidelines, before and after each rental, ensuring the highest degree of cleanliness, for your protection.

Other Notable?

Please note: Indoor fireplace is NON-OPERATIONAL. Please do not use.


Lastly, enjoy your stay, and please feel free to contact us, if you have any needs.

Thank You

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